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by / 03/04/2019 / Published in Review

Recently, I was invited to visit the Wilson Audio company. I have known of the company’s products for more than twenty-five years.

I will be honest about my impression of the sound of Wilson products of Wilson Audio, I have  always liked them, but the main thing is

that over the years the Wilson Audio products have become even better because their process of sound evolution has never stopped.

At the airport I was met by Trent Workman, the commercial director of Wilson Audio.  He spent all of his time with me.

While I was there, he showed the production process, and he taught me how to find the right position for the best acoustics in the room,

according to David Wilson’s systems and so much more.  Trent is a person who knows the company well, and much depends on him.

I liked the way the production flows; they have good production facilities which show cleanliness and orderliness; the technological process is

well-adjusted, with high quality in everything from start to finish. The main point of noteworthiness is the great effort and love with which all of this was created. This was designed by a

technically gifted person with a high cultural level and a great desire to create the best: David A. Wilson, who unfortunately pass away a year ago. I believe this is not only a big loss for the

family, but also for the whole cultural world, especially for the Wilson Audio fans. The management of the company and the continuation of the history of Wilson Audio, is now engaged by

his son Daryl Wilson. His love and respect for his father, as well as the desire to continue the work, I hope will please us in the future. After a detailed production survey, we switched to my

favorite part: testing products. What I like is that all the Wilson Audio products from the least to the most expensive models are very pleasing. There is no such thing as loss of musicality in the

less expensive models (size the speaker for the size of the room). You have the choice depending on your capabilities, but at any level, you will always have a good result. The main emphasis I

would like to make is on the WHAM Model for the sake of which I flew around the world. The listening was held in the Wilson’s home in the beautiful 112 square metered room, with lots of

high-end audio equipment. There were several pairs of monoblocks available, but according to Daryl Wilson’s words, the demonstration will take place with his father’s favorite amplifiers:

the Siegfried monoblocks and the preamplifier TL-7.5 from the VTL company. The sound sources were a turntable and a reel to reel tape recorder. Frankly speaking, my great experience and

knowledge of high-quality performance was powerless as soon as I heard this system. To say that the sound had high detail, speed, a highly focused image is grossly understated. In reality, it is

hard to reproduce the acoustic energy of an eighty-piece symphony orchestra in the listening room, but the WHAM has come as close to ideal as anything I’ve heard. On the way back home to

Ukraine, I had plenty of time to think about what I saw and heard. On the one hand, I was disappointed that I would not hear the same at home, but on the other hand, I am glad that I heard

this sound which I sought all my life. In conclusion, I wanted to share my very memorable experience with those who love music and high-quality sound.

I’m very appreciative to have had the opportunity to be welcomed into the heart of Wilson Audio.

Orest Voznyi 

founder of  HIEND-AUDIO