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Transparent – Premium Power Cord

Advancements from Premium PowerLink:

  • New more tightly constructed power cable technology holds all elements of the cable package firmly in place
  • and preserves the intended electrical properties of the cable designs
  • New termination technology ensures better power delivery without restriction or instability,
  • thereby freeing your components to bring you a more realistic music experience.
  • Improved plug and IEC connector provides a tighter, more solid connection to the wall and your components
  • Improved network lowers AC line noise for improved musical dynamic range.
  • Larger network module provides greater mass and internal dampening to minimize resonance
  • and external mechanical noise interference

Premium Power Cord consists of many OFHC copper strands precision wound together to create a flexible 10-gauge cable

capable of carrying all the current required of powerful amplifiers. High coverage pure copper shielding and a foil shield wrap reduce noise.

A Transparent filter network reduces more AC line noise. Hefty plugs and sturdy termination deliver power and reliability.

Premium Power Cord is the perfect partner for all systems at the premium performance level, and has been developed in concert with

Transparent’s Ultra, Super and Plus audio cables, Premium video cables, and the PowerIsolator 8 and PowerWave power conditioners.

Due to its greater transfer capabilities, Premium Power Cord is a better match with high-current amplifiers than High Performance Power Cord.

  • Standard termination: 15A grounded USA wall plug > 15A IEC
  • Optional terminations: 20A grounded USA Wall Plug; 20A IEC; plugs for EU and other electrical systems available.
  • Standard length: 2 meters
  • Custom lengths always available.


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