The LA Network – Network Ella On Our Mind

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The LA Network – Network Ella On Our Mind

Recorded ‘off-the-floor’ in 2 tracks at 15 ips with no overdubs or edits, with the purest audiophile analog techniques,

this recording of Ella favorites captures the dynamics of singer/musicians Aubrey Logan and Bill Cantos

and friends from the L.A. Network’s outstanding pool of jazz musicians and singers.

Ella On Our Mind is the second of a series of audiophile L.A. Network recordings.




Tape type:  SM-468 

Tape size:  1/4″

Reel size:  10.5″

Tracks:  2

Speed:  15 ips

Tape equalization:  IEC/CCIR

Magnetic flux:  510 nWb/m



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