Piltch & Davis + Friends – Take One

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Piltch & Davis + Friends – Take One

This truly intimate and personal acoustic jass album was recorded ‘off the floor’ on analog 1/2″ tape at 30 ips,

non-Dolby, with no overdubs – a wonderful spontaneous fusion of spirit.

The David Piltch & Aaron Davis dup has been appreciated by audiophiles since their ealy 90’s performances

as part of the Holly Cole Trio in the classic albums: Don’t Smoke In Bed and Girl Talk.




Tape type:  SM-468 

Tape size:  1/4″

Reel size:  10.5″

Tracks:  2

Speed:  15 ips

Tape equalization:  IEC/CCIR

Magnetic flux:  510 nWb/m


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