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Métronome – AQWO cd player + DAC

AQWO was first introduced at the Munich HighEnd Show in May 2018. It is the first SACD player ever developed by Métronome.

Like all the combos designed by Métronome, AQWO perpetuates the analog sound quality

either in playing discs and in digital to analog conversion.

The device has got a number of digital inputs and outputs, allowing the use with different sources.

The 6.5″ large touchscreen is easily readable from a far distance.

Optionally, AQWO can be installed with valve analog outputs (in the factory or later),

and like all the Métronome converters, AQWO decodes PCM and DSD (up to x8 = DSD512).

AQWO is more massive and robust than the older generations of devices from Métronome, and is still available in Silver or Black finishes.



Pickup Mechanism:  SACD D&M with customizations and Delrin® puck

Resolution:  32 bits / 384 kHz dual mono, 2 internal converter chips

Digital Inputs:  USB asynchronous type B (32/384),  S/P DIF 75 Ohms RCA x2,  AES-EBU 110 Ohms XLR x2,  Optical Toslink x2

Digital Outputs:  I²S HDMI proprietary,  S/P DIF 75 Ohms RCA,  AES-EBU 110 Ohms XLR,  Optique Toslink

Analog Outputs:

Unbalanced – 1.4/2.5/3 V RMS @0dB – 47 kOhms, connecteurs RCA

Balanced – 1.4/2.5/3 V RMS @0dB – 600 Ohms, connecteurs XLR

Tube outputs – optional with additional boards

Power supply:  3/4 toroidal transformers with Schaffner filters, 10 independent regulation lines

Voltage:  100 – 120/240 V – 50/60 Hz

Accessoiries:  Métronome standard remote

Power Consumption:  40 VA

Dimensions:  425 mm. L x 130 mm. H x 415 mm. D

Weight:  15 Kg


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