Martin Logan – Vista MKII / (pre-owned)

Product Description

Martin Logan – Vista MKII  (pair)

System Frequency Response:  35–24,000 Hz ± 3 db


Horizontal:  30 Degrees

Vertical:  40” (102 cm) line source

Sensitivity:  91 dB/2.83 volts/meter

Impedance:  Nominal: 8 ohms

Minimum:  1.2 ohms 20 kHz

Crossover Frequency:  450 Hz

Components:  Custom-wound thyroidal audio transformer, air core coils,

polypropylene capacitors

Tweeter Type:  3,1″ (8 cm) low-mass aluminum diaphragm and high strength/

low weight neodymium motor deliver incredible articulation and transient attack.

Woofer Type:  8” (20.3 cm) special non-woven carbon fiber sandwich cone with foam core for light weight and extreme rigidity.

Recommended Amplifier Power:  100–400 watts per channel

Signal Inputs:  Custom bi-wire binding posts

Size:  154.7 h × 27.3 w × 42.7 d cm

Weight:  28 kg each


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