Martin Logan – Depth (pre-owned)


Product Description

Martin Logan – Depth 


The high-resolution, servo-controlled Depth subwoofer system consists of multiple woofers for high SPL output with minimal distortion.

The woofers are arranged in a Balanced Force array that dramatically lowers cabinet vibrations.

This approach leads to tight, well-defined and deep bass output.

The equalization used is specifically designed to counteract the response of the woofers sealed box response.

This equalization leads to minimal group delay and proper transient response.

Frequency Response: 20–150 Hz ± 3 dB. Anechoic through the LFE effects input.

Low Pass Filter Frequencies: 30Hz, 35Hz, 45Hz, 55Hz, 65Hz, 80Hz

High Pass Filter Frequencies: 40, 70Hz

Phase: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°

Components: 3 x 8” (25.4cm) high-excursion, aluminum cones with extended throw driver assembly in a BalancedForce™ array

Amplifier: 300 watts RMS (500 watts peak)

Inputs: RCA Line Level. RCA LFE, Speaker Level

Output: RCA Sub Out,

Size: 16.6 inches W x 16.15 inches D x 16.25 inches H (42.2 cm W x 41 cm D x 41.3 cm H)

Weight: 65 lbs. each (29.3 kg)


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