Graham Engineering – Phantom Elite 9″

Product Description

Graham Engineering – Phantom Elite 9″

Based on the uni-pivot design Graham Engineering has perfected over the past 20 + years,

the Graham Phantom Elite uses the point down damped uni-pivot bearing manufactured to spec in Switzerland,

Magneglide stabilizer/azimuth adjuster, calibrated VTA adjustability with built-in spirit level,

detachable arm wand in 9″, 10″ and 12″ lengths with Grahams cartridge alignment gauge.

The Graham Phantom Elite has a new, larger bearing housing for better resonance control with updated internal wire,

larger diameter arm wand with updated internal wire, newly designed decoupled counterweight,

new CA-9 height-adjustable cartridge alignment gauge available for 9″, 10″ or 12″ arms, new IC-90 tonearm cable.


“Although the basic design principles, thinking, and features of Bob Graham’s classic Phantom unipivot tonearm remain unchanged,

the Elite represents a substantial upgrade from previous iterations, with improvements in materials and implementation,

constrained-layer damping in the pivot assembly, a new high-density,

non-magnetic tungsten insert for zero-tolerance bearing-contact and high spurious-energy absorption.

No other ‘arm known to PS can be more accurately and repeatably adjusted to extract optimal performance from any suitable pickup.”

– PS, The Absolute Sound, Issue 254


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