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EgglestonWorks – Nico SE (pair)

The Nico, and Emma, both feature a dramatic evolution of the iconic cabinet shape associate with the

EgglestonWorks brand for decades. The elegantly curved cabinet and flowing lines of the Nico give it a sophisticated presence.

The Nico SE enters the EgglestonWorks line as the first stand-mount/bookshelf speaker in many years.

EgglestonWorks fans will likely remember the original Isabel. The Isabel evolved into the Signature model it is today,

becoming a floor-standing model and leaving an opening for a next-generation bookshelf monitor.

The Nico represents years of design deliberations and cabinet iterations with the ultimate goal of a true EgglestonWorks product.

Unlike the Isabel design in the past-with its rear-firing ports-the Nico features front baffle positioned ports to allow for

rear wall proximity that would make placement on an actual bookshelf possible.

Aesthetically, the Nico is stunning, but it is the sound of this little speaker wherein its true beauty lies.

Spending some time with the Nico will reaffirm everything you love about listening to music.

The immediacy and quickness of a small monitor is there, but there is also a sense of space that confounds the

very definition of a bookshelf speaker design. The Nico’s sound is far bigger than its size.

Much of this credit goes to the EgglestonWorks specified drivers that are unique to the Nico and Emma.

For the first time in EgglestonWorks history, the drivers used in these new speakers cannot be found anywhere else.

Because of this proprietary driver design, these new speakers are cohesive from top to bottom, and a new chapter in our history begins.

If you are looking for a small speaker with a big sound, quite simply the Nico should be the only speaker on your list.

The latest advancements to the EgglestonWorks line are being recognized with the implementation of the

“Special Edition” mark or “SE”. The SE moniker is being applied line-wide as a suite of upgrades aimed

at improving additional performance and aesthetics.

Initially, the SE mark was developed to draw attention to EgglestonWorks’ new paint finishing system,

which greatly improves the outward appearance of the speakers. These finish improvements were joined

by enhanced crossover components, internal wiring, and binding post upgrades.

These seemingly small changes contribute greatly to already impressive performance as well as fit and finish.

EgglestonWorks proudly presents the Nico Special Edition as the latest in a long tradition of the highest quality loudspeakers.


Frequency Response : 50Hz to 24kHz

Impedance : 8 ohm nominal.

Sensitivity : 88dB

Inputs : One set of rhodium binding posts.

Woofer/Midrange System : One 6” woofer .

Treble System : 1” fabric dome tweeter.

Hi-Dynamic Range voice coil/magnet system.

FootPrint: 7.5” x 13” x 15” H

Weight: 9 kg. (20 lbs).


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