EgglestonWorks – Andra III SE

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EgglestonWorks – Andra III SE (pair)

Few names in Audio are as iconic as the EgglestonWorks Andra..

The original Andra met with immediate critical acclaim winning Stereophile’s prestigious Speaker of the Year.

The Andra III SE established a new path for the EgglestonWorks line in terms of materials, driver units,

crossover networks, and cosmetics.

The rest of the line follows the Andra III’s lead in every aspect of design. During the evolution of the Andra,

EgglestonWorks has balanced the quest for improvements with a careful respect for an award-winning design.

Quite often an updated speaker model can either leave customers wondering what changes were actually made,

or the new model can be so different that the name is all that remains of the original. With the Andra III,

balancing these two approaches was paramount.

With a fanatical attention to detail and careful analysis, the EgglestonWorks team is proud to continue to

produce a speaker worthy of such lofty lineage. The latest advancements to the EgglestonWorks line are

being recognized with the implementation of the “Special Edition” mark or “SE”.

The SE moniker is being applied line-wide as a suite of upgrades aimed at improving additional performance and aesthetics.

Initially, the SE mark was developed to draw attention to EgglestonWorks’ new paint finishing system,

which greatly improves the outward appearance of the speakers.

These finish improvements were joined by enhanced crossover components, internal wiring, and binding post upgrades.

These seemingly small changes contribute greatly to already impressive performance as well as fit and finish.

EgglestonWorks proudly presents the Andra III Special Edition as the latest in a long tradition of the highest quality loudspeakers.



Treble System: 1” fabric dome tweeter. Hi-Dynamic Range voice coil/magnet system.

Midbass/Midrange System: Twin 6” carbon fiber coned, midrange drivers with 3” voice coils.

Woofer System: Two– 12” woofers in a compound loaded – or isobaric – configuration.

Enclosure Design: Wall thickness of 1.53” to 1.79”.

Compound woofer design using 100% cavity stuffing, sealed transmission line midrange loading with 100% cavity stuffing.

Crimped, non-settling Dacron and felt is used throughout.

Frequency Response: 17Hz to 24kHz

Sensitivity: 89dB @ one watt/one meter (91dB in-room)

Impedance: 8 ohms nominal.

Inputs: Two sets of rhodium binding posts.

Footprint: 15” x 18” x 44” H

Weight: 82 kg. (180 lbs).


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