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EggelstonWorks – Ivy Signature SE (pair)

The EggelstonWorks Ivy Signature SE is a Reference speaker whose development was truly based on being just that: a reference.

Developed with legendary mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig, the Ivy continues to be the reference at the Gateway Mastering Studio.

As it turns out, mastering engineers want the same things out of their system as any other music lover.

The most important aspects of a speaker to an engineer are accuracy and musicality. Accuracy is obviously important to an engineer,

but also to anyone interested in a truthful portrayal of music. Musicality is a little more elusive in many designs,

but at EgglestonWorks this means the speakers are easy to listen to and are not fatiguing in any way.

For engineers, this is important as they sit in front of their speaker for many hours each day.

The Ivy Signature is impressive to behold. On the baffle, there are eight (8) drive units visible, but there is more.

Behind each of the 6” midrange drivers is two more drivers mounted in isobaric configuration.

Similarly, behind each of the 12” woofers is another 12” driver. The result of this unusual use of isobaric loading is a speaker

that reproduces music in an effortless and completely truthful manner that has an almost spooky realism.

Whether you are a professional engineer or just a music lover, the Ivy Signature takes the EgglestonWorks philosophy

of accuracy and musicality to a level that all will appreciate.

The latest advancements to the EgglestonWorks line are being recognized with the implementation of the “Special Edition” mark or “SE”.

The SE moniker is being applied line-wide as a suite of upgrades aimed at improving additional performance and aesthetics.

Initially, the SE mark was developed to draw attention to EgglestonWorks’ new paint finishing system,

which greatly improves the outward appearance of the speakers.

These finish improvements were joined by enhanced crossover components, internal wiring, and binding post upgrades.

These seemingly small changes contribute greatly to already impressive performance as well as fit and finish.

EgglestonWorks proudly presents the Ivy Signature Special Edition as the latest in a long tradition of the highest quality loudspeakers.



Frequency Response: -4dB @ 13Hz to well beyond 24kHz

Sensitivity: 88dB

Impedance: 8 ohms nominal (minimum is 5 ohms).

Inputs: Two sets of rhodium binding posts.

Subwoofer – Midwoofer System: 6- 12” woofers configured in twin pairs of push/push compound loading per speaker.

Midrange: triple compound loaded 6” drivers with custom carbon fiber cones and 3” voice coils per speaker.

Treble System: 1” fabric dome tweeter.

Enclosure Design: Wall thickness of 1.53” to 1.79”.  Crimped, nonsettling Dacron and felt is used throughout.

Size: 76” tall, 18” wide at bottom and 36” deep.

Weight: 352 kg. (775 lbs).


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