Doshi Audo – V3.0 Tape Stage

Product Description

Doshi Audo – V3.0 Tape Stage Reel Tape Preamplifier

The Doshi Audio V3.0 Tape Stage is a reflection of the resurgence among analog tape

and audiophiles’ need for a quality tape preamplifier.

This is a fully functioning unit developed for the high-end audiophile and professional audio engineer.

The V3.0 tape stage features a differential input head amplifier with adjustable gain, loading, low frequency EA, and level controls.

The head amplifier has a servo output stage that can be switched from Class A to Class A/B to cater to different tastes.

The EQ section provides for adjustable EQ for NAB/IEC and AES (30ips) playback.

It’s also low impedance and completely passive so that dynamics and phase relationships are preserved.

A transformer balanced output is available as an upgrade.

The result of this detailed design is a preamplifier that allows the full breadth and color of a performance

to come through like never before. It makes for an unforgettable musical experience.



  • Inputs :  1 pair of inputs (rear panel has RCA and XLR connectors available), only one can be used at a time
  • Output :  Balanced via XLR connectors, SE via RCA connectors
  • Output Impedance:  150 Ohms
  • Tube Complement:  (6) ECC81/12AT7, (2) ECC99
  • Hum and Noise:  At least 80 db below 1 volt
  • Accessories: separate, isolated power supply, umbilical cable with ground wire, and remote control



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