Chasing The Dragon II – Audiophile Recordings

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Chasing The Dragon II – Audiophile Recordings

A selection of tracks which should take you and your Hi-Fi system on an interesting journey.

This audiophile demonstration recording samples classical compositions by Vivaldi, J.S. Bach and Corelli,

alongside a drum solo improvisation, a choir performance, microphone comparison of male voice recording, rehearsals, and more.

The first album Chasing The Dragon ever released was a collection of audiophile recordings.

Many friends have asked when they would be releasing a 2nd album of audiophile recordings.

After recording many new tracks, as well as adding a small selection from recent albums,

Chasing The Dragon presents to you Chasing The Dragon II.

The organ recording has enough bass to rattle not only your speakers, but also your neighbor’s teeth!

Also included is a comparison track between a 60 year old valve microphone, which is used for all CTD recordings,

and a modern high quality transistor mic. The differences which you can clearly hear, are very interesting.



1st Generation Reel to Reel Tape made from the Original Master Tape!

Created from 30IPS 1/2″ Running Masters at Air Studios

1/4″ 15IPS CCIR

Original Master Tapes recorded at 30ips onto ½” Tape

Copy Masters are made using 2 Studer A820 Master Recorders

Machines are connected with Zensati Seraphim Interconnect Cable for highest transfer quality

All tapes use CCIR/IEC Equalization

Originally mastered at Air Studios London

Created using ATR Magnetics Tape Stock

Housed in Heavy Duty Professional boxes

Transferred and monitored by Chasing The Dragon Producer Mike Valentine


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