KLAUDIO - Vinyl Record cleaner

HIEND-AUDIO – official distributor of “Klaudio” in Ukraine.
LP Vinyl Record Ultrasonic Cleaner with Dryer
Klaudio is a designer of original audio equipment founded in 2013.
It was created from parent company Koolance, a leading manufacturer of liquid cooling equipment since 2000.
We are able to bring high-quality, innovative products by utilizing Koolance’s capabilities in electronics and liquid handling.
Klaudio’s founder is an avid audiophile with a special interest in antique speakers and vacuum tube technology.
He has personally designed several tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers, and multi-curve and LCR phono equalizers.
Klaudio’s first product, an ultrasonic record cleaner, combines our founder’s passion for audio equipment with our engineering expertise.

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