Volter – Bliss Power 

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Volter – Bliss Power Regenerator

The regeneration devices of the mains voltage applied standard schemes have significant disadvantages.

In the case of using a low-frequency amplifier (LFA):

*low efficiency;

*rather high output impedance due to the presence of an output transformer;

Devices on key output stages have high efficiency, but contain inductive-capacitive filters, which increases the output impedance.

A known method of digital-analog conversion based on the summation of analog values proportional to the weights of the

digits in the digital code. This method is used by parallel DACs with direct conversion.

Bliss Power Regenerator contains 7 DC power supplies. The magnitude of the voltage sources has a ratio of U/2U

(which is similar to the resistive matrix in solid-state DACs).

High-speed switches on field-effect transistors (FET) are used to control the voltage generation process.

The microprocessor generates a part of the sinusoidal signal, combining voltage sources every 10us.

Power digital-analog converter provides its output directly on the load without intermediate conversions and without a

pulse-width modulation (not to be confused with a class D amplifier). With this approach, nonlinear distortion of the output signal

is not more than 0.1 %, and the efficiency reaches 80 %.

The filtering capacitance of power sources are tens of thousands of microfarads on each source and the resistance

of field-effect transistors connecting sources is measured in tens of milliohm. Inductive resistance is practically absent.

Thus, the device has a rather low output impedance (output impedance tends towards zero).

Bliss Power advantages:

* nonlinear distortion of the output signal is not more than 0.1 %;

* the efficiency reaches 80 %;

* the device has a rather low output impedance (output impedance tends towards zero);

* galvanic isolation;

* output frequency adjustment from 50 to 120 Hz (1 Hz step);

The beneficial effect on sound with increasing frequency power was proven by PS Audio,

when it began to produce its famous line of regenerators with the same function.

* voltage stabilizer in the range from 190 to 255 V with a power of 1.0 kW;

* voltage adjustment in 1 V steps (from 1 V to 240 V);


Output frequency, Hz:  50 – 120 with a step of 1 Hz

Output voltage, V:  1 – 240

Power, kW:  1

Input voltage range, V:  190 – 255

Protection class:  IP 20

Operating temperature range:  + 1 … + 40 ° С

Operating humidity range:  40 … 80%

Colour:  black

Dimensions, mm:  440 x 200 x 595

Weight:  48 kg

Warranty:  24 months


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