Volter – 3500

$ 780.00

Product Description

Volter – 3500  voltage stabilizer

Voltage stabilizer with a power of 3500 W stirrup output voltages of 100 V, 120 V, 230 V for powering particularly powerful systems.

The device is equipped with ten sockets, divided into five groups: two for 100 V,

two for 120 V and six for 230 V with the possibility of independent on / off.

Volter ™ -3500 W voltage stabilizer is designed primarily to protect audio-video and household appliances from power surges,

released for the Japanese and American markets with three output voltages of 100 V / 120 V / 230 V at the same time.

On the front panel of the stabilizer there is a power button, a liquid crystal indicator,

as well as buttons for changing the parameters of the stabilizer.

In normal mode, the Volter-3500 W liquid-crystal stabilizer indicator displays the input and output voltage levels (for Uout. = 230 V),

the power of the current consumed, the status of the electronic switches, the current time,

and the correction value of the output voltage (if corrected). In standby mode – the current time.

Attention! In the stabilizer there are sockets with different output voltage – 100 V-2pcs, 120 V-2pcs and

230 V-6pcs with the possibility of independent switching on and off.


Type:  electronic triac

Phase:  one phase

Range of lower input voltage disconnect:  160-180 V

Range of upper input voltage disconnect:  250-270 V

Reclosing delay range:  4.5-7.5 s

Maximum input current:  16 A

Input voltages:  160-250 V

Rated output voltage:  100 V / 120 V / 230 V at the same time

Deviation o. voltage from nominal:  -one%

Max. output power:  3.5 kW

Out power at lower Uvh:  2.5 kW

Number of steps:  sixteen

Step step, tentatively:  5 V

Cooling:  natural

Mounting method:  outdoor table

Dimensions:  205 x 440 x 365 mm (height x width x depth)

Weight:  not more than 23.5 kg

Protection class:  IP20

Operating temperature range:  + 1 … + 40 ° С

Operating humidity range:  40 … 80%

Colour:  black

Warranty:  60 months


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