Shirley Horn – Softly

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Shirley Horn – Softly

The reflective mood of this album captures the late night intimacy of the recording sessions.

Shirley Horn’s performances here, surrounded by devoted friends, protected from the time-is-money anxiety

and clinical ambiance of commercial recording studios,

is more introspective and emotionally intense than anything she has recorded to date.

The lady is really amazingly on target with her approach to every tune she had chosen to perform in this album.

Seldom will a recording session yield only indispensable tracks. This Shirley Horn studio visit did.




Tape type:  SM-468 

Tape size:  1/4″

Reel size:  10.5″

Tracks:  2

Speed:  15 ips

Tape equalization:  IEC/CCIR

Magnetic flux:  510 nWb/m


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