Quentin Collins – All Star Quintet

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Quentin Collins – All Star Quintet

Chasing the Dragon have become known as one of the leading producers of audiophile recordings.

A Day In The Life was rehearsed, recorded and cut live to vinyl, all in one day!

This 1/4″ Master Tape Copy was created from the 30IPS 1/2″ Running Masters at Air Studios.

“We specialize in producing ‘Direct Cut’ recordings. This is where we pass the stereo signal from the Neve desk at Air Studios,

up 2 floors to the record lathe in the mastering suite above. Once we begin to cut the lacquer there is no going back!

We can not stop and edit, if there are any mistakes.

This means, we have to choose our musicians who can not only get through each side non stop,

but also who can give a fantastic performance.

For some years, we have wanted to record a jazz group.

I cannot believe that the superb jazz trumpeter Quentin Collins only lived a short distance away from the studios.

My mastering engineer John Webber said “you have to meet him!” Well, this is the amazing result.

Quentin, Gary, Jason, Joe and Miles you are the best! What an album!” – Mike & Francoise Valentine



1st Generation Reel to Reel Tape made from the Original Master Tape!

Created from 30IPS 1/2″ Running Masters at Air Studios

1/4″ 15IPS CCIR

Original Master Tapes recorded at 30ips onto ½” Tape

Copy Masters are made using 2 Studer A820 Master Recorders

Machines are connected with Zensati Seraphim Interconnect Cable for highest transfer quality

All tapes use CCIR/IEC Equalization

Originally mastered at Air Studios London

Created using ATR Magnetics Tape Stock

Housed in Heavy Duty Professional boxes

Transferred and monitored by Chasing The Dragon Producer Mike Valentine



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