Lampizator – Pacific

Product Description

Lampizator Pacific dac – balanced with tube rectifier + volume

The Pacific DAC is the pinnacle of refinement, a true masterpiece, that shows what digital – done properly – can do.

It was designed from ground-up, based on our 8 years of experience making over thousand DACs by hand.

We used all that experience and added many new ideas and improvements,

to create something that – however impossible – would out-shadow all our previous DACs in every way.

We were making the Pacific with the most demanding audiophiles in mind – thoseseeking the musical satisfaction,

technical excellence of world class and most importantly – connection to emotions in music.

We followed a few principles, that make this product stand out, as the most musical DAC:

single ended triode schematics, true copper capacitors, zero negative feedback, zero silicon from the point of signal creation to the output,

highest quality stepped resistor ladder volume control, gold plated PCB, tube power supply with rectifier and chokes

and music-first philosophy of design. All these factors combined deliver synergy of sound, design and style.

The technology is dressed in gorgeous housing to match. Highest caliber parts are used throughout.


The Main Highlights

The top model in the Lampizator lineup

Brand new DSD/PCM fully balanced digital engine

Accepting all major UX4 based DHT triodes

Precise heater circuit with 5 current settings

Active tube anode supply loading by another triode

LAN input with a preinstalled audio-optimised LINUX

OLED display with new control processor

24CT gold plated chassis plus multiple colour options

Fully integrated with a single ended triode preamp



PCM conversion:  Lampizator proprietary “code 57 engine” conversion circuit, up to 768 kHz / 32 bit

DSD conversion:  Lampizator proprietary “code 57 engine” conversion circuit,

using for DSD only the digital and analog filters 64x/128x/256x/512x, self selecting

Output signal:  amplitude 3V pp

Frequency response:  Digital section 20 Hz – 80 kHz. Analog section 1 Hz – 200 kHz

Inputs:  S/PDIF coaxial RCA, BNC S/PDIF, USB, AES/EBU, Toslink, LAN

Outputs:  Stereo pair of RCA analog outputs, XLR also in balanced

Color:  any mix of black matt, gold gloss, red gloss, gold brushed matt

Rectifier tube:  One piece of 5U4G or 274B or 5C3S or GZ34 or 5Y3 (any octal 5V recti)

Footers:  Hi-Ten steel footers by Stacore, gold plated, with spiked antivibration feet

Warranty:  5 Years excluding tubes. 5 Years on KR-Audio tubes – Riccardo Kron series.

DHT:  triodes PX4, 101D, 45, 245, 345, 300B, AD-1,

Power:  40 Watts,  117-235 V AC 50/60 Hz

Weight:  20 kg,  shipping 36 kg.

Dimensions:  (WxHxD) 43 cm x 18 cm x 52 cm , plus the height of tubes (usually max 25 cm).


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