Moroni-Gomez-La Barbera – Kind Of Bill vol.2

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Moroni-Gomez-La Barbera – Kind Of Bill vol.2

Usually, tributes are dedicated to those who are deceased and indeed great Jazz pianist Bill Evans has not been with us

since September 15, 1980, a very sad day for musicians and music fans.

However, his notes and his magic are very much alive and this project wants to celebrate this aspect of his world:

the neverending life of his message and legacy.

Although nobody can discuss Evans’ incredible talent and ideas, he needed special partners to develop that wonderful sound

that characterized his vision of music, people that, with their fantastic musicality and sensitivity,

were able to bring that vision to life…to create that unforgettable, beautiful “Bill Evans Sound”.

The title “KIND OF BILL” for this tribute is also the title of one of Joe La Barbera’s compositions and it describes perfectly the intent of

the project created by pianist Dado Moroni, who has never hidden his love for Evans, bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Joe La Barbera

Gomez and La Barbera have contributed immensely to the music of Bill Evans during the years,

infusing new life into the pianist’s ideas and so this is also a tribute to them, for what they did then and continue to do

now keeping the magic alive and well in their own projects and the words KIND OF BILL mean exactly what they say:

a homage which doesn’t strictly include Bill’s compositions but also standard songs that under Evans’ fingers became entirely new,

and original songs by Moroni, Gomez and La Barbera.

Ciao, Mr.Evans!


Mixed down on each order, unique design aluminum flange (NAB), artisanal hand made collector box,

album booklet, customizable tape formats, speeds, emulsions, EQs and more.

The album will be recorded on one reel.



Tape type:  SM-900  

Tape size:  1/4″

Reel size:  10.5″

Tracks:  2

Speed:  15 ips

Tape equalization:  IEC/CCIR

Magnetic flux:  320 nWb/m


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