Monty Alexander – Love You Madly: Live At Bubba’s

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Monty Alexander – Love You Madly: Live At Bubba’s

This previously unreleased 1982 Audiophile 24-Track Recording was captured live at the Fort Lauderdale Club Bubba’s

by Criteria Recording Studios’ Legendary Founder Mack Emerman.

This recording is really important, and documents an underrepresented chapter of Monty’s recording output.

It’s Monty with a great band, and the recording has fantastic fidelity.

They are incredibly strong performances, with high energy that epitomize Monty at his very best.




Tape type:  SM-468 

Tape size:  1/4″

Reel size:  10.5″

Tracks:  2

Speed:  15 ips

Tape equalization:  IEC/CCIR

Magnetic flux:  510 nWb/m


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