Kalista – DreamPlay ONE

Product Description

Kalista – DreamPlay ONE cd player

DreamPlay ONE is actually the first integrated player of the brand,

pure like always and simpler to use compared to a DreamPlay CD and Kalista DAC set.

There is only a tiny difference between DreamPlay ONE and DreamPlay CD, a few millimeters in the chassis height…

Impeccable finish and captivating sound, this is definitely Kalista.



  • Philips CD Pro 12 pickup mechanism with proprietary customisation
  • Digital Output : AES EBU XLR connector
  • Elektra Power Supply with 7 independent lines
  • Weight/dimensions of Drive Unit : 24 kg/450x135x460 mm
  • Weight/dimensions of Power Supply : 15 kg/450x105x435 mm



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