Doshi Audio – V3.0 Phono Stage

Product Description

Doshi Audio – V3.0 Phono Stage  (phono preamplifier)

The Doshi Audio V3.0 Phono Stage has won awards for its innovative design and sound quality.

The unit features remote control of moving-coil loading, 2-memory loading positions,

as well as an additional 2-inputs that can be used with moving-magnet.

The moving coil section is a differential input section with extremely low noise.

This section feeds into the tube-based amplification and equalization section.

The amplification section features extremely low impedance drive due to the RIAA EQ,

as well as an extremely low output impedance for use with any line stage amplifier.

A transformer balanced output is available as an upgrade.


  • Inputs:  1 MC with adjustable loading. 1 MM input with 10K ohms load and 1 MM input with 47K load
  • Outputs:  Total of 2 pairs, sup[plied as RCA , Transformer balanced outputs available as option (additional cost)
  • Output impedance:  250 Ohms, Capable of driving loads of 10K ohms and higher
  • Tubes used:  (2) ECC83/12AX7, (2) ECC81/12AT7, (2) 7247/12DW7
  • Accessories:  separate, isolated power supply, umbilical cable with ground wire, and remote control




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