RMT – SM 911

$ 100.00

Product Description

RMT – SM 911 tape

RTM is the leading manufacturer of professional and semi-professional analog audio tapes,

providing superior recording and sound playback qualities.

Our products are made in France and used worldwide in major recording studios, for archive and instrumentation markets.

We provide the largest selection of widths and lengths to fit every usage.


RMT – SM 911 High output studio and archive tape. Specially designed to fulfill the highest quality requirements of

world class music studios for analog recording. Use for multi-track and mastering recording.

Offering high output, wide dynamic range and high level uniformity up to the highest frequencies.

Low print-through and excellent DC noise.

• Width: 1/4″
• Length: 762m (10,5” / 26,5cm diameter)
• Reel type: Metal reel
• Hub type: NAB
• Packaging: Hinged box
• Backcoated
• Multitrack formats
• Mastering-grade quality
• Low print-through
• Excellent high-speed winding properties
• Excellent signal-to-noise ratio



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