DOSHI AUDIO - preamplifiers

HIEND-AUDIO – official distributor of “Doshi Audio” in Ukraine.
The Doshi philosophy can be expressed in one word: balance. A balance of classical and cutting-edge technologies, of eastern and western sensibilities, of professional and residential design strengths. Nowhere is this sense of balance more evident than in the Doshi 3.0 Line Preamplifier.
Designed for residential use, The Doshi Line Preamplifier nonetheless takes advantage of sophisticated techniques developed for the recording industry. Based upon legendary studio hardware including Pultec EQs and Universal Audio Compressors, Doshi has developed a transformer-coupled volume control, a technology which helps our Line Preamplifier achieve the highest performance possible. The Doshi circuit provides differential, fully isolated floating outputs, thereby eliminating the possibility of ground loops at input or output, and assures absolute freedom from ground noise: an especially important consideration with digital sources.

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