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HIEND-AUDIO – Official distributor of “OMV Labs” in Ukraine.
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OMV Labs cables – guarantee of high quality power for your audio system and the first step to better sound.
Dear connoisseurs of High-End quality sound,
before we will acquaint you with the products “OMV Labs“, we would like to say that,
Yes, power cable too, have an influence on sound quality.
This is hard to believe and even harder to explain.
But it nevertheless cannot be denied, once you have tried it.
Often it is precisely this cable that transforms a good audio chain into a peak unit .
A truly rewarding way to perfect High-End systems.
Our company produce High Quality Power Cables that help your equipment in a stable and sustainable operation,
thereby giving her the opportunity to reach their full potential and enjoy your sound quality.
Production of “OMV Labs” is based on three main components:
1. High-quality material.
2. Modern design (including technological advances).
3. Precision manual work.
When designing electrical cables, we consider all of the factors adversely affecting the operation of audio equipment.
“OMV Labs” uses its own technology SSTMP (Single Shield Twisted Multi-Pairs) – shielding each cable core,
that prevents electromagnetic, high-frequency interference and alien crosstalk between the wires in the frequency range 0 – 2000 MHz.
You should always take into account the fact that:
Today, with more electromagnetic (EM) pollution on more bandwidths than ever before,
EM noise easily infiltrates your components through the power line.
Once inside, it causes widespread distortion, significantly degrading many aspects of music playback.
Our technology prevents this undesirable noise from entering your equipment—without impeding dynamics (unlike traditional power filters).
The result is an all around enhanced performance. Our cables provide progressively clearer insight into your signal’s character,
guaranteeing an audibly more faithful presentation of the music.

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