ANALOGY RECORDS - recording studio


HIEND-AUDIO – Official distributor of “Analogy Records” in Ukraine.
The goal of all my recordings has always been the highest quality, as well as the care in microphone techniques,
the creativity in mixing, the emotion that a song can arouse in the listener. In an era where the way of listening music
is getting worse and worse because of the use of some codecs that lower quality, I’ve felt the urge to produce artists
and albums for a refined and demanding audience, who pays attention to details and nuances,
by using the best available analog media: the tape. Analogy Records is the world’s first record label to produce
contemporary artists at its recording studio, distributing ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES.
Instead of producing copies from any pre-existing master, for each order Analogy Records produces
an original master directly from the multi-track recording system, thus removing an additional stage.
No first generation copies but only original Master Tapes, in order to ensure the best listening experience ever.
Analogy Records produces artists from different musical genres, such as jazz, pop, classical, folk, world music,
contemporary music and others, working in a world class recording studio (Zerodieci Studio)
and exploiting my 40 years of experience as musician and 25 years of experience in the field of music production.

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